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Writing Content for Websites

Better content means better rankings.

Website Content Writing and Content Development

In case you haven’t gotten the key message yet, a key area of website investment, that can make all the difference in generating sales and lead conversions, and holding visitors’ attention spans causing them to engage further, is professional website content strategy. Small businesses should set a routine of creating content for a website based upon an established formal web site content plan based upon long tailed keyword research to achieve the quickest results. As the content distribution footprint expands, additional rankings will rise to the top as published content stays fresh and up-to-date, which is a key Google ranking signal.

Rule of Thumb: Websites need 20 + pages of well-written text to be relevant and authoritative.

Website content creation refers to writing website pages and publishing fresh content on a regular basis into various digital marketing channels. Content creation refers to any form of digitally published content. Examples of publishing web copy that helps companies increase their ‘real estate’ footprint include blog posts, white papers, “How To” pages, as well as leading industry articles published with the intent of being seen for your thought leadership.

The ultimate goal of creating online content is to fulfill the needs of potential customers.

Your goal as a business owner, is to create persuasive web content capable of holding readers’ attention span long enough to convince them into taking the desired call-to-action. The process works amazing well if planned in advance basing the content upon carefully targeted chosen keyword phrases with high commercial value.

It All Starts With Good Web Content Writing

The end result of professional copy writing is great web content and landing pages that people stay engaged with longer, thus lowering bounce rate statistics, and increasing page authority (and future ranking potential) assigned by Google’s software algorithms.

Content Marketing Tip: A lower customer bounce rate evidenced by people staying on your website longer is the first step towards generating more sales leads!

Freelance Copy Writers Provide Affordable Web Copywriter Services

Businesses require copywriting services for many pages, topics and keyword themes to expand their published footprint. If you’re asking yourself what is copy writing, it’s probably a good time to seek professional help. Either develop the internal expertise for copywriting websites internally or outsource copywriting services to expert writers experienced in content copywriting at an affordable prices.

Since 2004 the owner of this site has provided freelance copywriters services to Colorado companies seeking scalable business solutions for expanding web content. Business owners challenged with the task of making their websites successful via organic search need a large quantity of relevant and useful Google indexed pages. The solution to accomplishing this objective is to either write web content internally or outsource with freelancers.

Whether your need only a few pages written or require dozens of pages constructed for a large website, getting your copy writing team together is the first critical step – we can help you with that!

The genuinely rewarding part of going through the content creation process is when you actually begin to witness the results of all the hard work from your team!