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The Advantages and Benefits of SEO

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The Advantages of SEO – Benefits from Contentmarketingspot.com

1. Flexible SEO Pricing – Increments for hourly SEO pricing include 4, 6, & 10 hour plans. In addition we can quote you flat fees on any web services such as responsive WordPress website design upgrades.

  • Benefits of Flexible SEO Rates & Plans – Provides the customer with multiple choices and options to choose from for their investment, making us more user-friendly with a minimal financial commitment. More choices enables flexible budgeting from month to month.

2. FREE SEO Reports – Clients paying for 6 hours of SEO Consulting or SEO Services receive a free set of SEO reports including Keyword Rankings and a report showing which URLs are ranking for specific keywords.

  • Advantage of FREE SEO Reporting – Having the right SEO intelligence and competitive data regarding your web site ranking is critical for benchmarking and getting together a plan. These search engine optimization competitive intelligence reports deliver substantial added-value for our client base.

3. Work Performed by Experts – Only experienced experts will touch your company’s web site, not subcontractors or entry-level employees. Regardless if it’s SEO Services or Web Development and web design work, we do not outsource just to make a higher profit markup to cover higher overhead costs. We do bring in outside experts as key digital team members when it makes common sense for your project.

  • Advantages of Professional Services versus Entry Level or Amateurs – Reduces communication issues and directly assigns accountability and responsibility optimizing the communication chain. Gets the job done right the first time!

4. No Search Engine Marketing Contracts Required. For our web marketing and web design/development services there is absolutely no contract required. Payment terms are paid in advance for four, five, or ten hours of services. For companies that DO want agreements, we can accommodate that request of course.

  • No Contracts Required Benefit – This ‘no SEO contract’ competitive advantage and benefit makes us easier to do business with. We work in project steps and phases. Sometimes it makes sense to wait a few weeks to see how Google responds to actionable items. Customers should not have to get locked into long-term monthly SEO contracts with ambiguous services. We see no benefits of SEO contract documents and believe in continually earning additional business.

5. Professional SEO Plan Strategy & Tactical Review After Every 5 Hours. After every 5 hours spent, we’ll take the time to review all work with the client along with any concerns or questions, and help plan future marketing strategies.

  • FREE SEO Review Benefit -This service further educates the customer on work done and actually shows them the what, why, and how so they can understand the genuine value of where their money is being spent. In addition, the SEO Review session provides the search engine optimization consultant the opportunity to work with the client in determining the possible next session or project of work to be accomplished based upon agreed upon priorities.

It’s basically another free hour of SEO Services performed either over the phone or in a personal meeting if possible!

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10 Important Benefits of SEO Services In General

Market Your Business 24/7 in all Global Time Zones – Whether you market locally in your local community or state, sell only in the United States of America, or have a global business model your website can go to work for you 24 hours a day seven days a week and produce more business for you while you sleep which allows you to leverage your time effectively.

The best way to learn about online marketing and learn about search engine optimization is by actually building your own website and adding in quality content. One other option is to have a web developer create a new site with a content management system that’s easy to modify content in.

SEO IS your marketing!

Work with Qualified Business Clients Only – Pick and choose which customers or prospects you want to work with and say goodbye to pain in the neck clients or trouble causers. By having a continual flow of new business opportunities and sales leads generated that are exactly the kind of business you’re seeking due to the work done by Content Marketing Guru Kevin Yeaman, begin to phase out business prospects or clients that continually waste your time, cause problems, or generate frustrations and high anxiety.

Targeted Traffic versus Just Any Traffic – One of the focuses of your website should be the exact keywords, keyword phrases, and keyword themes you want to target the most. The advantage is you get targeted traffic and highly qualified business leads drawn into your content by SEO, versus people vaguely interested in your products that just happened to stumble onto your site that may waste your time.

Generate Higher Profit Margin Business Higher Gross Margin Sales – By attracting more targeted leads for exactly the type of business or sale you want most, companies are able acquire more higher profit margin business by publishing specific content marketing content that earns those traffic visitors, versus optimizing for lower volume keywords or lower profit margin services.

Increase Product Line or Global Sales Footprint – Local SEO or local search marketing helps you sell locally and Global SEO helps you sell and compete globally on the hyper-competitive keywords. Expanding the web content on your site along with increasing your social media presence and incoming link profile, makes your site more authoritative in the search engines which helps you rank for many many new keywords thus enabling you to expand your product offerings and further boost topical authority in your industry versus competitors.

Pay Attention to Technical SEO – Improve Website Load Speed, Web Page Load Time, proper HTML coding, errors etc. When your web pages load faster and render quicker in the search engines it keeps the human searcher engaged and anxious to see your content. Watch your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools accounts for cues on problems and opportunities. Web page load time and statistics such lowering bounce rate can improve Google Rankings versus a site being penalized for not rendering quickly. In other words it can be a positive competitive factor versus your competitors sites having technical problems.

SEO Advice Helps Eliminate Website Problems – such as in creating optimized XHTML Validated Code – W3c validated HTML markup code loads quicker and is viewed in a standardized viewing format in multiple web browsers such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox versus having to worry about designing your web pages individually for viewing in one browser or another. Validated code also loads faster and can give you a small edge in competitive keyword rankings in our experience versus poorly written html code.

Higher Return On Investment in the future. Create a website right the first place by making the right business decisions in the first place versus having to start all over and spend money on the same things again because your domain got penalized or has such a poor non-search-engine-friendly web design format that it’s nearly impossible advance efficiently in the search engines using SEO Techniques. Double check to make sure your website architecture is SEO Friendly as some database-driven sites or web stores for instance can be problematic with their dynamically generated URLs. WordPress is an excellent SEO friendly format that helps you leverage your website investment and minimize programming and updating costs.

Social Media Optimization Promotes your Brand – By increasing your Social Media Optimization Profiles on the hundreds of credible social media optimization websites you protect and promote your company brand by getting it in front of as many people as possible. There are many ways that social media marketing can help give you SEO Benefits by standardizing your username profiles and locking up your keywords on accounts at blogs, wikis,social bookmarking, and other Social Media Websites.

SEO Creates a Search Engine Friendly Website – An Advanced SEO company can provide you with all the benefits of search engine optimization that consistent deliver positive marketing results. The right SEO Consulting tips on improving the search engine friendliness of your site can make your site SEO Friendly which allows both human visitors and search engines immediate access to all web pages and optimized content on your site when they’re searching Google. An SEO Friendly site includes many web design elements such as internal linking structure; how you design your web pages such as with images and flash, and which pages are the main focus of topic you’re trying to communicate. Ultimately you want all types of web browsers to render you pages in a standardized format versus having page load errors and 404 codes.

The advantages of working with an experienced search engine marketing expert at Contentmarketingspot.com can provide your Colorado company with the catalyst to consistently improve search engine rankings.