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Best Website Content Management Systems for SEO

The Best CMS for SEO Marketing: WordPress Benefits of CMS in Web Development

What’s The Best CMS For SEO Benefits

If you’re searching for a list of all the disadvantages and benefits of content management systems, or for detailed examples of content management systems, or for the best SEO CMS this article covers the basics. On the other hand if you’re searching for the best SEO CMS that most search engine optimization experts use – the best search engine optimization CMS, this article delivers valuable insights for the benefits of WordPress.

Here’s some background upon which I derived data for the list of the best content management system for SEO: 16 years of SEO consulting building and advising on SEO-friendly websites; nearly 10,000+ hours of internet marketing experience; have worked with Drupal, Concrete5, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Wix, DotNetNuke, Shopify, dotCMS, Hubspot, and Silverstripe free and paid systems; consultation work in 15 different industries or market niches; have worked with both local small businesses as well as huge national e-commerce companies and international clients; have both personally built and designed websites from scratch as well as worked on redesigning and updating websites coming on board mid-stream to work with clients’ existing digital marketing teams; plus have been a student and content marketing in the internet marketing industry studying insightful blogs from thought leaders, as well as keeping updated since 2004 on Google algorithm changes, plus have been actually working in the trenches competing for free Google natural traffic, and have reverse-engineering competitors’ websites for years to learn how to compete and win. Our team uses the #1 best website builder for SEO benefits.

People finding this article should be interested in the best strategies and tactics for Organic SEO Marketing where free traffic can be earned to your website or blog from Google and other online marketing channels such as social media.

Keep exploring the many articles and pages on this website if you want to learn how to earn natural search engine traffic into your website or blog as well as into key internal landing pages. The solution comes down to creating superior content and focusing upon quality links acquisition, having the best website design and marketing tools, establishing an online presence, and getting the right digital marketing team in place.

The Best WordPress Template for SEO Visibility is Included in our WordPress + SEO Marketing System and Services



What’s the Best CMS to Use?

WordPress is The Best Content Management System

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What's the best CMS to use?  See this CMS comparison chart image.
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Read About What A Content Management System For a Website Should Include

Why WordPress Is Best for SEO Benefits

  • All Mobile friendly CMS are Not Created Equal. Some SEO CMS platforms lead to slow-loading websites and cab have bulky poorly written code with HTML errors, or end up creating technical SEO problems like duplicate content or thin content pages and blog posts, leading to serious obstacles getting in the way of YOU achieving higher search engine rankings and marketing goals. Business owners need to learn about, capture, implement, and execute every possible advantage and element working in their favor to surpass the online competition. Pay attention to the little things and the big things will come – easier and faster! You want a rock-solid proven SEO system. The WordPress + SEO Marketing System our clients receive, as described on this web page, is a commercial content management system with integrated organic SEO features proven to work exceptionally well for achieving page one Google rankings, especially for Local SEO Marketing businesses!
  • Fast Webpage Loading Speed. Speed of page loading is a real and genuine SEO ranking factor! The best solution is with a fast WordPress hosting plus an efficient web design template or WordPress theme versus some CMS companies focus mainly on visual aspects versus actual performance.
  • Not all Mobile Friendly Websites or HTML code is Created Equal. Some content management systems clearly have superior HTML source code versus competitors as evidenced in the resulting code to text ratio measurement or inherent mobile content display errors or web browser problems. If your marketing expert knows how to set up WordPress for SEO that features responsive website design elements it can be a most powerful CMS for SEO combination. Making the right decisions by using the right CMS platform from the start gets you further, faster, costing less for programming, with yielding higher top end results with no ceiling or limitations.
  • W3c Code Verification. To stay in the good graces of Google use a proven content management system that can meet W3c standards along with an expert that knows how to program software and use that system for SEO benefits. The WordPress responsive web design theme Divi is a viable solution.
  • Open Source Code – Open Source Software Platform. The benefits of WordPress as the best open source SEO software is that it attracts top WordPress developers that are affordable and continually work the bugs out of the software and provide version upgrades for security, support, customization, and interoperability. In addition the open source SEO software solution WordPress core is free to acquire, but it’s best to get expert help to configure the settings into an SEO friendly CMS because the wrong settings cause Google indexing problems.
  • Feature Rich Add-ons, Modules, & Plugins Included. Business owners benefit from affordable or free feature-rich add-ons, modules, and plugins that add state-of-the-art functionality without requiring costly custom programming. WordPress template customizing features come standard with a WordPress + SEO Marketing System such as: photo gallery, about us page, contact page, multiple home page designs to choose from, different layouts such as center navigation or side-bar vertical navigation, elegant icons, call-to-action landing pages, frequently asked questions modules, stunning portfolios, image sliders, parallax scrolling, pricing tables, bar counters, social follow, newsletter subscription signup forms technology, multiple blog design layout options.
  • Title tags and Description meta tags, H-tags – Mechanical SEO Elements. Basic On-Page search engine optimization elements should be editable. Ease of adjusting and implementing the basic SEO elements of on-page optimization such as title tags, description meta tags, all header tags H1, hH2, H3, H3, H4, H5, Image alt tags and title tags, etc.
  • Built-in Flexibility to Change Web Hosting Companies. Some content management systems for websites give you a free less-than-optimal website building tool if you’ll generously sign up either for their ongoing monthly hosting plans or sign up for paid advanced feature upgrades. Don’t Do It! You’re basically agreeing to pay a monthly annuity for that hosting company on their proprietary SEO system that lasts forever until you cancel which causes you to lose all your hard design work invested. Solution = own your own WordPress website design and move your entire site if needed – don’t rent content management systems.
  • Don’t Get Locked Into Permanent Monthly Subscription Websites Bundling Both Web Hosting and Basic Web Design Features. Register your domain independently at an independent domain registrar such as Godaddy.com, and then buy your hosting, hopefully fast WordPress hosting, elsewhere. Then, if you observe your web host performing badly such as poor site up-time service simply move the entire WordPress site or CMS to a new web host versus being married to the inferior bundled products approach used by some CMS companies. In general, a free website builder feature is associated with sub-optimal vendors regarding organic SEO value. Likewise, same goes for your SEO expert …if you’re not getting results after 3-6 months or if you’re not happy with the cost of SEO marketing services cut your losses and move on to another internet marketing expert, consultant, or more expensive full service marketing agency, but beware of long-term contracts. (No long-term contracts are required with our WordPress + SEO Marketing System)
  • Professional Website Design. Business owners should demand and expect a professional website design which is easily attainable deploying certain WordPress templates versus some “build your own website” designs and tools that look somewhat homemade, versus the CMS systems the top competitors in that business niche are using. For example adding breadcrumbs best practices to websites helps users navigate and orient themselves more easily.
  • Intuitive to Learn, Edit, and Change Design Features and Content. Some website design tools are simply more powerful and easier to use versus others. Avoid unnecessary complexity and seek maximum capabilities with built-in flexibility to add features and modules without having to learn custom HTML code.
  • User-Friendly Menu & Navigation System. Demand CMS systems that feature drop-down menus with total flexibility and customizability of menu buttons, along with feature-sets to display business logos and navigation links (eg. top or side navigation). Having the capability to set up multiple navigation menus is even better.
  • WordPress Website Developers Skilled Talent Readily Available. With the more popular CMS web design systems it’s easy to find local highly-qualified developer talent for more sophisticated design elements and CSS cascading style sheets adjustments, versus with proprietary or free CSM systems you’re limited to what comes as standard options, or, for customization you have to go through their web developers and pay whatever labor rates they quote as a captive customer. With WordPress it’s easy to find experienced WordPress developers which lowers the cost of web design for small business.
  • Ease of Handling Different Image Sizes, Shapes, and File Formats for Website Imagery. A truly exceptional SEO CMS can handle almost any size, shape, and image file size of image you throw at it, along with multiple file formats. Our SEO System does this exceptionally well with modules for images, photo galleries, portfolios and slider images or hero shots. Handling and displaying all the most popular types of image file formats such as Jpegs, Gifs, Tiffs, or Png file formats is also an added convenience. Website imagery is important. The more ways to display website imagery the better for improving user experience and adding website photos.
  • Setting Up Your CMS For SEO Benefits. Businesses should be able to set up their CMS system to maximize SEO value, versus merely accepting default settings, having limited On-Page SEO features, or having to pay a higher monthly subscription fee to upgrade in order to receive key valuable search engine optimization feature sets. Besides having a full-featured CMS tool set which is easily attainable in top quality WordPress templates, business owners need expert SEO Consultation for correctly integrating textual content, links and site structure to synchronize all elements. Some CMS systems are set up to look or display a certain way, but are a poor website SEO software value for earning natural search engine traffic. Digital marketing teams should include a Website + SEO Marketing expert experienced in making the right CSM adjustments and template settings to prevent technical SEO problems, 404 errors, thin content, unfriendly SEO URLs, or improper WordPress permalinks settings.
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder Software. A drag and drop CMS software platform makes it easy to modify website designs and add modules and features to make professional websites. The Website + SEO Marketing System is an open source drag and drop website builder template enabling owners to create a really cool looking functional websites through modifying design elements and components by simply dragging and dropping where wanted on the web page. Basically, you want an easy to use CMS that’s intuitive and includes powerful modules and add-on features to create a professional website visually and functionally. Typically, the drag and drop web design features lower the cost of website development.
  • Social Media Integration Made Easy. Integrating social media icons, social media accounts and posts, and posting on social media with links leading back to the main website not only helps engage site visitors and drive traffic to your website, it also helps build your brand, credibility, and authenticity. Include top tier social media accounts for social media sharing and content distribution.
  • WordPress E-commerce Integration – E-Commerce Capabilities. Whether a business sells products or services, adding the Woocommerce.com plugin adds exceptional e-commerce processing capability and shopping carts processing using Paypal options, Mastercard or Visa processing. CMS systems should include capabilities to integrate multiple payment gateways during checkout, including Amazon Payments, FirstData, or Authorize.net.
  • Personalized Coaching on Exactly How To Raise Your Rankings On Google. After studying Google for 11 years and 10,000+ hours, building websites, reverse engineering competitors’ websites, and working in the trenches daily it’s clearly common sense advice and a high priority for business owners’ marketing teams to work with an SEO Specialist and web design company for a few months at least. Knowledge is power. You need high-quality information and attention to priorities to move up consistently in SERP rankings and earn more traffic and sales conversions. Along with this good advice comes setting realistic expectations for time and results, honesty, and straight forward concise advice. Start with the right foundation which includes WordPress, Divi, and SEO consultation services.
  • Work Directly with the SEO Specialist – not with an Entry-level Employee. It’s just common sense to emulate what the top companies use in your business niche. They’re not using free website builders like Wix. In 75%+ of the cases they’re using responsive WordPress website design because of superior performance and lasting benefits! Why fight it?
  • Content Creation Consulting to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Small businesses require consulting advice on filling content gaps of to recognized as an authority or thought-leader in your business niche. For example, SEO consultations on new supportive content that integrates long-tailed keyword phrases helps support ranking for the most difficult high-volume keywords. Content marketing strategy goes hand in hand with information architecture and site structure consultation. It comes down to improving existing content, publishing new expert-level content, organizing content into logical hierarchies, and then sharing or promoting content.
  • Basic Content Management System Training.Website owners need website system education, CMS training, and one-on-one coaching to fully understand the powerful features and capabilities on new WordPress CMS websits. Content publishers need technological training for making minor web design adjustments and edits, to add new images and textual content, header tags, and subheadings. In addition, this training helps companies lower both current and future web development and design costs.

WordPress SEO Consultant Offering: The Best CMS for SEO!

Content Management Systems for SEO Also Need The Following Expert Services

  • Implementing 301 Redirects. Installing 301 redirect server instructions via a WordPress plugin redirects your existing website’s most important pages to the new website design page URLs maintaining Google indexing of content and successfully transferring link equity or link juice to the new web design. URL structure needs modified all website upgrades to create SEO-friendly URLs structured in content silos. 301 redirects are included as part of the technical SEO analysis steps.
  • Technical SEO Analysis. Business websites can have serious ongoing problems earning organic SEO traffic if technical SEO problems are not discovered and resolved. Our SEO marketing system includes a basic website audit and technical SEO review by an expert which uses Google Analytics and Google Search console data if available. In addition, all important baselines and SEO benchmarks for data points and metrics are analyzed over time to enable the business owner to evaluate progress and value for marketing dollars invested. Technical SEO problems hold websites back from achieving their full potential in search engine results pages and thus must be discovered and eliminated to maximize visibility.
  • Internal Linking Installation. Internal linking between your home page to internal landing pages is done the right way. This means linking to top pages from within the body of content text versus merely linking from header navigation, footer navigation, or sidebars.
  • Google Analytics + Google Search Console Integration. Integrate Google webmaster tools and Google analytics (ie. website verification) into your new WordPress website to ensure data collection of important internet marketing metrics like Mobile Traffic, Top Landing Pages, Traffic Acquisition sources etc. Basic training on Google services is included.
  • Website Folder Structure Recommendations – Content Silos. Included are recommendations on proper website folder structure and URL structure for designing-in an optimal website SEO architecture organizing web pages content into hierarchical structure using content silos. Content silos have one parent page with multiple related child pages of content supporting the parent topic, much like an outline. Ensuring the best website folder structure via use of content silos and proper site architecture helps Google understand and interpret content which is a necessary step prior to rewarding you with more traffic. Proper website information architecture also promotes a better user experience.
  • (Optional) Ongoing Monthly SEO Plan. Beyond creating an SEO-friendly website, small businesses require approximately 3-6 months minimum working with a monthly SEO expert to analyze progress, root out technical SEO problems, generate monthly Google search engine rankings reports, make content adjustments and tweaks, and investigate Google analytics intelligence gathered to ensure further Google rankings momentum. A good rule-of-thumb is you need 15 – 25 hours of professional SEO consulting and services to begin seriously competing online.
  • Personal One-on-one Training & Coaching Sessions. Training on the WordPress Divi CMS is included if you’re located in the Denver, CO area. Together we’ll go over website design, features, options, and training for operating your new responsive WordPress website.