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Published web content can either build your brand online, or contributes to brand irrelevancy.

Without publishing meaningful content, whether it’s written text, audio, or visual content, you won’t build your brand online. Praiseworthy content possesses intrinsic power to attract targeted visitors into your marketing funnel. Content captures the minds of people and keeps them coming back for more.

Regardless of content marketing visibility tactics being used, if you’re wanting to know how to build your brand online, better content is the key. Businesses should develop the skills and talent in-house, or outsource content writing to freelancers or professional copy writers.

Part of the SEO Specialist’s job description is to identify specific gaps in content that need filled. From analytical keyword research, it’s possible to identify which keyword themes you’re missing, that if written about, would fill content gaps to help your website rank better as it gains content topical authority in your competitive business niche.

What Does A Website Content Writer Do?

Written content should fulfill a purpose: attract search engines, engage readers to keep reading further, answer a question or query, provide useful information, entertain, impress the reader, capture a lead, demonstrate the author’s expertise, or direct the reader towards a call-to-action.

Website content writers are tasked with writing in a styles that humans enjoy reading, while simultaneously fulfilling search engines’ requirements to display the best comparative value content.

Whether it’s press release writing, web content writing, localized content for your website’s location pages, landing pages, a business blog, or a commercial business listing profile, content needs to be engaging to lower bounce rates and keep people on your site longer.

A website content writer specialist adheres to an agreed-upon editorial calendar that specifies the major topics to be written about and published. For most companies, outsourcing content writing is the best solution.

What’s The Best SEO Page Design For Ranking + Visual Appeal

  • Number of words should be 300+ for internal pages and 500+ for the home page
  • Break the information into two to three sections and use paragraph titles or headers with H-tags
  • Cover the information with simplicity, yet add value to the argument with additional facts
  • Use Copy Writing techniques like: Problem – Solution – Case Examples
  • Apply proven ways to make your Website Content Text More Readable
  • Take Your Time in Copy Writing Headlines
  • Add images and graphics to the web page when possible
  • Web page design format should be aesthetically pleasing with a professional presentation
  • Include social sharing buttons, or social media icons
  • Use an easily readable font and text like Arial, Georgia, or Helvetica
  • Do some research to add relevant facts, statistics, or quotes from industry experts
  • Provide a clear call-to-action step for visitors
  • Integrate search engine optimization elements for a search engine friendly web site
  • Landing Pages, or lead capture pages, should be specially optimized to convert visitors into sales leads
  • If you have a Google + page published, include Google Authorship markup
  • Include clear call-to-action design features
  • Create a logical association with other internal web pages to maintain organization – internal linking, siloing, navigation
  • Focus on a main keyword, keyword phrase, or topical theme and stay on subject.

Examples of Call-to-Actions in Conversion Marketing

Building call-to-action steps into content is critical for conversion marketing. Some of the most common call-to-action steps include filling out a form, downloading, click here, joining, making a telephone call, buying a product, subscribing or signing up, or scheduling a call back.

Content published inside and outside your website must be properly interconnected and linked together from within the body of text to really begin seeing improved call-to-action statistics reported in Google Analytics.

Outsourcing Web Content Creation – Website Copywriting Services

Most business owners find it’s cost effective to outsource content writing to experts, copy writers, content producers, or experienced journalists versus writing in-house due to a fairly steep learning curve. Content writers should be able to do web page copy writing, write newsletters sent in email marketing, assemble images and graphics for digital assets, be capable in writing white papers or case studies, be good at generating multimedia voice or video marketing content, plus should keep track of the entire content inventory.

Assign one person or marketing team member to be accountable for tracking the performance of published assets such as Press Releases, Social Media sites, Online Review Sites, Business Profiles, and local marketing assets from the geographical region. Besides monitoring local published assets, also keep track of incoming local links from websites in your city or state.

Web content writing services can help make your site one of the top competing sites in your industry, business niche, or marketing vertical. Customer driven marketing strategies like taking the time to write quality content always produce the best results.