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Affordable Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Affordable Denver SEO Packages

By-The-Hour Packages or Ongoing Monthly Programs

Always included is our affordable search engine optimization consultant services that include a minium of 15 internet marketing services some of which are included in the website optimization list below. We’ll work on the high-priority issues first that will make the most positive impact now – the low hanging fruit!

Special attention is given in all our consultations to ensure we identify and deliver the exact services YOU need, in priority order, to get on the right path to increasing organic search engine traffic and increased website visibility.

➢ Google SEO Consultant Specialist. Flexible Billing: Monthly, Hourly, or By-the-Page. Affordable SEO Consulting Rates and Pricing Programs Available To Fit YOUR Budget.

Colorado Search Engine Optimization Company

Affordable Denver SEO Company

Affordable Translates Into Getting Exceptional Value!

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Company

► Option 1: Ongoing Monthly SEO Package: 3 hours monthly @ $150/hour for 6 months

► Option 2: 6 Hour Denver SEO Package: Paid in Advance, Use Whenever as Needed

SEO Consultants in Denver, CO: The services provided in our SEO packages (eg. see list below) are flexible or variable depending upon the client’s Google search engine visibility for both local and national rankings, and depending upon technical issues uncovered in the website audit and review process. First we first have to determine factors that are holding you back, fix them, and then move forward with action plans. Sometimes we’ll need to start by integrating Google Analytics and Google Search Console to gather website traffic and usage data.

  1. Initial Project Kickoff Fact-finding Interview. Discuss your target audience to learn about company search engine marketing goals and priorities. Coach client on How to Create a Search Engine Friendly Web Site using an effective online marketing platform.
  2. Home Page Content Optimization. Complete home page search engine optimization including for all meta data, mechanical, internal linking, On Page SEO elements.
  3. Keyword Research Analysis. Perform keyword research and targeting analysis using proprietary reporting and software tools for one major keyword vertical including in-depth long-tailed keyword research.
  4. Organizing Website Content. Recommendations for Organizing Content into hierarchical Hubs or Content Silos to establish correct website structure and content architecture to maximize search engine rankings, starting with URL mapping. Note: most business owners have no idea how this fundamental concept can make or break their website success.
  5. Writing Title Tags & Meta Data. Write title tags and description meta tag data for agreed-upon primary keyword theme pages. Great title tags improve click-through rates!
  6. Information Architecture & Site Layout: Advise on Website Menu Navigation & Site Structure Realignment, header section, sidebars, footer, internal linking, outgoing links, and web design layout.
  7. Initial SEO Reports from Website Audit. Documentation of recommended URL Map including Keyword Mapping in MS spreadsheet format for main content silo, record top incoming links; identify and diagnose technical SEO issues; record baselines and benchmark measurements; number of Google indexed pages; organic traffic trends; domain authority, current search rankings publicly available, Alexa traffic data; Canonical Issues; Web Page Speed Test; Videos & Images.
  8. Online Competitor Assessment. Competitive Analysis Evaluation for three competing websites of your choice for visibility advantages & key search engine ranking factors.
  9. Inbound Links Analysis. Discuss Incoming Link building Strategy for both Local and National SEO Marketing. Document digital marketing assets, social media marketing accounts, Local Business Citations, discuss beneficial link building services for inbound links contributing to search rankings.
  10. Google My Business Implementation Solutions. Discuss proper Google business accounts setup, implementation and status of XML site map submission. Get Google Search Console & Analytics set up. Audit profiles, verification, business pages, and Youtube to synchronize and consolidate accounts reducing duplicates.
  11. Website Visibility Analysis. Review digital assets for online visibility status. Main website rankings, content focus, social media visibility, internal linking strategy, local structured citations, and fresh content publishing. Prioritize for plan of action.
  12. Social Media Optimization Recommendations. Discuss social media optimization of primary accounts including social media account optimization for: LinkedIn personal & business pages, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  13. SEO Coaching & Training Sessions. Includes two coaching and training meetings for training, coaching, feedback, answering questions, content copy writing tips, content creation advice, online demonstrations, and professional mentoring of client.
  14. Web Development Communications & Quality Control. Work and communicate with appropriate personnel or webmaster for web development changes, modifications, and edits needed to ensure correct implementation. Quality control team work.
  15. On Page Search Engine Optimization Services. Provide SEO Expert services Consultation on H-tags (h1, h2, & h3) for proper header tag useage above paragraphs. On page elements include reviewing call-to-actions and key Landing Pages for commercial value.

Denver, Colorado Affordable Search Engine Marketing

Ongoing SEO Services, Packages, Local Marketing Monthly Campaigns, Website Optimization, Maintenance & Support

➢ Additionally We Offer a Denver Local SEO Package – Local marketing services, Full Service, Google My Business, On-site/Off-site Combo Pack

After our initial Denver search engine optimization services are completed enabling us to become experts on your website’s marketing capabilities and potential it makes sense to continue with ongoing monthly SEO services to keep things on-track and moving forward. Our search engine marketing services are customized monthly depending upon our customer priorities, marketing budget, and goals we’ll discuss together such as: Local search marketing, Google My Business optimization), link building, citation cleanup, social media marketing, content creation, or migrating to an entirely new responsive website design.

The goal of our search engine marketing services is for you to get continual upward-trending monthly traffic increases and measurable improvement of user traffic, customer engagement, and clicks earned due to having exceptional content relevancy – resolving search engine queries better than your online competitors!

We help your brand convey professionalism and a compelling message of value, while also communicating your unique selling proposition through product differentiation points and proof. We’ll discuss expectations, approximate time frame required, keyword phrase selection, methods to organize your website content and structure more efficiently, and content strategy to improve existing content and fill gaps.

➢ Of course Google Search has the final determination on search engine rankings. Contentmarketingspot.com has no control over, and cannot guarantee natural search engine rankings positions.

➢ Taking carefully-planned steps using White Hat SEO methods helps avoid incurring Google algorithmic penalties in the never-ending barrage of search engine algorithm updates.


Affordable Denver SEO Company

  • Content Editing, Tweaks and Adjustments – based upon Google keyword rankings momentum identified in ongoing monthly SEO programs.
  • Landing Page Optimization – Consulting for creating optimized local landing pages or squeeze pages including text, images, and possible Youtube videos.
  • Technical SEO – Identify technical obstacles hindering customer experience and usability that are detracting from attaining higher rankings visibility such as WordPress pagination issues and duplicate content problems. Resolve problems to increase overall findability and discoverability.
  • Conversion Optimization Services – based upon utilization of Google Analytics data, use data metrics to improve click through rates and user experience.
  • Detailed Website Audit & Review – Identify 404 page not found errors, Google Crawling and Indexing Issues needing fixed, broken links, issues with robots.txt file, conduct a website content audit and incoming link audit.
  • Internal Linking – install internal linking from within the body of text to key landing pages including optimizing anchor text and increasing internal links to content silo.
  • Call-to-Action – Get better call-to-action responses by publishing compelling actionable content elements.
  • Writing Content – Copy Writing for web pages or social media accounts including professional content writing services.
  • Content Organization. Frankly discuss organizing website content into a logical site structure in hierarchy format using content silos.
  • Google Adwords Paid Search. Practical advice on paid search advertising solutions for short-term solutions.
  • Business Blogging Services – Blog installation for one of the best internet marketing tools if handled correctly using WordPress blogs.
  • WordPress Optimized Web Hosting – review and advice to prevent shortfalls like slow web page load time causing excessive page load speeds.
  • Social Media Integration – Setting up top social media accounts and populating content, images, and profiles with visual media and completing profiles 100%
  • Long-tail Keyword Targeting. Improved long-tail keyword targeting which delivers more highly-qualified business leads to your website.
  • Web Development – Web Design work: for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Other CMS and mobile friendly website design services.
  • Consultation on Business Logo Design – Get a new business logo created to solidify brand identity and loyalty.

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Our Colorado search engine optimization company works primarily in the Denver, Colorado front range area and for USA listed businesses.

We serve small businesses with Internet Marketing Consulting, Google Services Integration, Major Social Media Engagement advice, Inbound Link Development and Link Building, Local Search Marketing Services, WordPress Web Design and Development, and full-service CMS website development and design.