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SEO Coaching and Training Bootcamp

This SEO coaching service is designed for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) business owners and aspiring SEO Specialists for learning key concepts, components, intricacies, actions, and guidance on how to earn FREE Google traffic and create a better website.

On page SEO training service includes one on one SEO coaching, and private SEO training and consulting solution includes personalized, hands-on, one-on-one training and coaching working together as teacher and student demonstrating real-life ways to improve your website performance (ie. website audit, baseline metrics, feedback, content ideas, site structure, link building etc.)

Much less can be accomplished in four hours versus in an eight hour session working together. Always keep in mind that online competitors beating you in search engine results have already invested many hours of focused internet marketing actions expertise ahead of you.

➢ It may require considerable effort to identify and fix problems, get moving on the right track, and ultimately develop a competitive advantage for YOU vs. your online competition.

SEO Training, Coaching and Tutoring Services

Search Engine Optimization Coach Kevin Yeaman

SEO Bootcamp – 4, 6, or 8 hr Class Session @ $150/hr – Includes Website Audit!

What Does Google Want? Want to Learn How Google Works?

You need to learn and fully comprehend what Google wants and expects in order to make the best choices and investments into your digital assets. As a business owner, making smart decisions deploying capital, and making the right series of executive decisions keeps a small business alive and thriving.

One important concept to think about is ‘asking the right questions’ and identifying the right marketing partners to rely on to deliver digital marketing services. SEO has a ton of complex interrelated topics and concepts to learn how ‘things’ work together for synergy!

In the internet marketing industry it’s commonplace for business owners to overpay for services because they’re not asking the right questions and demanding accountability.

★ With our SEO Bootcamp training course you’ll learn about the priorities that make the most positive business impact now and into the future. You’ll learn how to create The Foundation for success online, and have a good idea where your current marketing agency isn’t delivering the right services and solutions.

Advanced SEO Education – Private One-on-One Training is Your Best Solution

Search engine optimization in 2019 is made up of an incredibly broad field of sophisticated knowledge. There’s as many dont’s as there are do’s! Business owners and webmasters need to learn exactly how interrelated elements work together to create a more powerful and capable website. Digital marketing teams can learn to make informed decisions in the correct priority sequence maximizing both effectiveness and efficiency.

Working directly with an independent freelancer for SEO training versus signing up for a canned online course that’s likely outdated costs less in the long-run and delivers more value and personal attention for students and small businesses alike.

SEO Bootcamp

Curriculum Major Subject Areas Covered:

Executive Overview: Internet Marketing Essentials
SEO Bootcamp Objectives
Key Google Concepts to Create an Authoritative Website
Inbound Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising
How does a SEO Provide Value to Small Businesses?
Boost YOUR Google IQ Substantially
Measuring & Tracking Performance, Baselines, Benchmarking
Keyword Research & Analysis Coaching
Web Development Design WordPress Basics
Content Development – Generating Content Ideas
How to Identify New Website Content Opportunities
Organizing Website Content
Content Creation Strategy
Higher Rankings Positions Content
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Overview
SEO Essentials – Nitty Gritty Details YOU Need to Know
Local SEO and Local Search Marketing
Links = Visibility = Horsepower
Understanding Link Building for Organic & Local SEO
Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Keyword and Keyword Phrase Research & Analysis

Denver SEO Hourly Training

Examples of Internet Topics Available:

Landing Pages Creation and Optimization
Improving Call To Actions Results
Content Management Systems eg. WordPress
How to Write Great Headlines that SELL
Local Search Marketing for Local Businesses
Technical SEO Issues and Auditing
Creating and Submitting XML Sitemaps and HTML Sitemaps
WordPress Benefits and Disadvantages
Google Analytics + Google Search Console Training
Best Practices for Business Blogging Using WordPress Blogs
Optimizing Tier 1 Major Social Media Accounts
Facebook.com, Linked-In, Instagram, Google My Business, Youtube.com
How To Build Your Own Rocking Website
How to Develop the Best In-House SEO Team
The Details of On-Site On-Page SEO
History of Google Algorithm Updates
Free SEO Tools & Paid Software
Online Competitor Analysis for Competitive Intelligence
Information Architecture- Site Structure
SEO Consulting & Training
Keyword Mapping & Targeting for Web Pages

Organic SEO Course Topic Examples


  • Keyword Research & Analysis Using Sophisticated Proprietary SEO Software
  • Home page on-page SEO analysis mechanical elements and optimizing techniques
  • Monthly SEO Reports and Progress Reporting
  • Online Marketing Intelligence evaluating Competitors’ Sites
  • Organizing Web Content for Maximum Ranking Potential – ie. Content Hubs
  • Determining the optimum Internal Linking Strategy to accomplish objectives
  • Optimizing web site URL Structure, Information Architecture and Layout
  • How to use keyword research as a competitive advantage
  • Website Traffic Analytics and Traffic Statistics Set Up and Measurement
  • Discuss Link Building and building up your off-site content and link profile
  • Difference in Local SEO versus National SEO Strategies
  • Analyze and Diagnose problems with web visibility, menu navigation, site maps etc.
  • Backlink Analysis – Incoming Links, Inbound Linking Status
  • Copy writing strategies to expand and update website content
  • Identifying website marketing strengths and weaknesses to establish priorities
  • Local Organic SEO Coaching Strategies such as ‘How To Get More Business Reviews’
  • Improving User Experience On-site while reducing bounce rate
  • Optimizing key social media accounts such as LinkedIn Business Pages
  • How to maximize the value received from Google Analytics Reporting
  • What are the best and most affordable SEO Tools to use?
  • Improving call to action steps to generate more business leads online
  • Deciding on whether to fix your existing site, or start all over with a site redesign

SEO + Content Marketing

In our training programs we go over key strategies for organic SEO that lead to better user experiences. All personal training coach programs include how to use content marketing in conjunction with organic search engine optimization, which comes down to publishing valuable content that people consume, value, and engage with.

Do-It-Yourself-SEO training programs guide students through Steps in the SEO process.

We take the time necessary to design a custom training curriculum prior to sessions starting, either by meeting in person in the Littleton and Denver, Colorado areas, or by communicating via phone or email. All our small business consulting services deliver the actual skills, talent, and expertise necessary to help you succeed online.

Payment terms for all SEO coach training sessions are Paid In Advance through PayPal or via check at the actual location training session appointment.

Get More Targeted Traffic via Natural Search Engine Results

Organic search engine optimization helps company’s earn more traffic to your website naturally through all marketing channels (eg. organic, referrals, direct, and social media) side-stepping expensive paid search (pay-per-click advertising) advertising programs’ accelerating costs curve.

By focusing upon the most effective ways to generate organic traffic, and by cleaning up loose ends, oversights, and technical problems such as duplicate content and technical SEO issues, web pages can be strengthened and gain new ranking power potential.

Organic SEO Strategy

Getting SEO training, coaching, or guidance on organic SEO strategy educates students on how to make a better website and put together an effective SEO campaign that integrates organic search engine optimization best practices.

Businesses have the option of hiring in-house full-time employees with SEO Education skills and training, or could send current personnel to get Organic SEO schooling and tutoring for employees needing to learn search engine traffic increasing techniques for their career.

The good news is that equipped with the right competitive market intelligence, education, and search engine marketing plan, business owners can compete head-on with powerful competing websites.

We Teach ‘Basic to Advanced’ Organic SEO Strategies

The objective of our training materials is to deliver exceptional value through actionable, practical advice and guidance! You’ll learn to improve website performance and build a comprehensive internet marketing “foundation” based on organic search marketing principles. Business owners need basic fundamentals to advanced SEO classes tutoring from proven expert organic SEO specialists.

* Search Engine Optimization Training & Coaching @ $150/hr purchased in 4 – 6 or 8 hour minimum time blocks.

* SEO Bootcamp Avanced SEO Training Crash Course – Over 250 Key Concepts w/Live Demos

Student Goal: See measurable results after a 3+ month period, otherwise consider changing to another company, agency, or expert consultant.

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