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Blog Writing Services

Need content development for your business blog?
A business blog, more specifically a WordPress business blog and integrating a blog into a website, is absolutely one of the most powerful content marketing tactics for moving your site up in the search engine results pages with minimal resources expended.

Blogs are one of the most important tools in the SEO Toolkit for engaging website visitors and keeping them reading your content longer, reducing reader bounce rate and further feeding fresh content to Google web crawlers.

Outsource Blog Writing To The Experts

Integrating a blog into your website gives you the most bang for the buck for publishing fresh content in a format that search engines and humans love. Companies that outsource blog writing by hiring a web content specialist are ensured to get the project moving fast on the right track from the start. If businesses are not ready to hire a blog writing service, there are other options available to business owners such as getting coaching and training to learn how to write a blog series themselves. Creating a blog on your website these days is relatively straight forward, the more complex part of the project is in the content writing phase.

Contentmarketingspot.com offers a premium blog integration service package that takes advantage of blog marketing features such as tags, categories, and blog rolls. We focus on creating powerful content silos to solidify and concentrate web content further.

Premium Blog Integration Services Package

The blog integration services package is a premium blog package service designed to rocket your search engine rankings with many proprietary marketing features that are proven in the marketplace to garner search engine attention and deliver business results.

Blog Integration Services price estimate: $650-$850

Features of the Business Blog Integration Package

  • Custom Blog Header Design or match existing header theme on main site
  • WordPress Install with upgraded WordPress Theme published at existing web host
  • Set Up and configure WordPress database by a professional WordPress Developer
  • Posting of images, logos, or company videos onto blog
  • Set up Blog roll to link to other important sites such as primary social media accounts
  • Configure blog with our proprietary configuration to Maximum Search Engine Rankings
  • Includes installation of the top 8 WordPress plugins for SEO, Marketing, and Security, & Google indexing
  • Internal linking or contextual linking included back to main site home page and internal pages
  • Keyword Research Analysis for Categories and Blog Posts for up to 10 keywords themes
  • Set Up of 2 Categories based upon your important keywords for web content silos
  • Includes fixed home page content, two other blog pages, and 2 blog posts
  • All content and blog posts are written by experienced copy writers
  • 30 minute business consultation telephone call on how to get the most out of your blog

If adding a business blog to your web site is not your first option, creating a business blog is possible on a separate site or separate domain. We know how to write a business blog professionally that actually adds to the quality of your website and helps build your brand online. From a search engine marketing standpoint, it matters not as much whether the blog resides on the root domain or on a separate web host, what matters most is that you get started blogging!

If you’re not sure what the best business blog design is for your company, contact us for some blogging template ideas to get started.

Search engines love blog content because it’s fresh, has a personalized human touch, and engages customers on the hottest topics they’re most interested in learning about. With the professional WordPress templates that are low cost options it’s not expensive at all to begin the blogging journey.

Writing Blog Content

Don’t worry about the details on how to write a blog as our blog writer and copy writers can write quality blog content for you that engages website visitors. Our web writing services are competitively priced for the Colorado marketplace. Clients and companies are assured to be working with experts that have completed blog integration packages successfully before.

Tip: Writing blog posts is one of the best ways to increase search engine visibility.

Having specialists that are experienced blog writers on our team with over 11 years writing web content is one of our competitive advantages in the Denver, Colorado and Littleton, Colorado market place. In addition, we can offer useful tips and coaching advice on expanding web content.